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MailChimp Primer – $29

This course will take you from Sign-Up to Sent with your MailChimp account in 7 easy steps. Use the PDF workbook to organize the information you need and the easy-to-follow videos to learn how to:

  1. Set up your MailChimp account.
  2. Create your first mailing list
  3. Design your signup forms
  4. Get subscribers
  5. Create a campaign template
  6. Design your template
  7. Send your first campaign.
Get Your MailChimp Primer


MailChimp Get-Ready Guide – free

For the Do-It-Yourselfer, use this free guide to understand the process and collect the info you need to take your MailChimp account from Set-Up to Sent.

MailChimp Get-Ready Guide