MailChimp Services

Services to help you maximize your MailChimp account and stay connected with your subscribers.

MailChimp Account Setup

Here’s what I’ll do:

  • Set up your MailChimp account. (It’s free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month.)
  • Set up 1 mailing list and create signup forms that reflect your website’s branding (with images and text your provide).
  • Create a template for your first campaign (the first email you send to your list) with text, images and color and font specifications that you provide.
  • Create a simple optin box and upload it to your website.
  • Create live screenshot videos to help you understand your MailChimp dashboard and how to send an email to your subscribers.

Investment: $199


Other MailChimp Services

  • set up an additional mailing list and/or add groups to a mailing list
  • create a new template in your existing MailChimp account
  • prepare and send emails (“campaigns” in MailChimp-speak) to your subscribers with content you provide
  • create an Automation sequence with content you provide – a series of emails that go to subscribers according to time intervals you provide

Rate: $75/hour